Morning Free Association: Happy Free Agency Day!

Happy Canada Day!

It’s Canada Day! What better way to celebrate than to make all the GMs work the phones, faxes, and other technologies to scramble to sign all the promising free agents that will all make their teams better, go to the playoffs, and win the Stanley Cup. Okay, wait a minute, that’s not it. What better way…to overpay for players, give them huge amounts of term and hope that you can unload that contract at an entry draft some years down the line. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Trade Deadline Day is Here!

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So, let’s see, what happened this weekend?

The B’s lost a tough, close game to the Blues in the shootout on Saturday. Nine out of ten points isn’t bad for a western roadtrip. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Winners

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Yesterday was an eventful day for the Bruins. In the early evening, word came from a Minnesota source that Charlie Coyle was told he was traded but not to whom. Continue reading