Morning Free Association: All The Excite

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It’s been a pretty exciting weekend with lots of stuff going on with the Bruins and other teams around the league. This is pretty typical around the NHL Trade Deadline. So, let’s break it down in an easy-to-digest format. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Happy New Year’s Eve!

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Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! We made it to the end of the year and the decade. Happy Birthday to Stripes and The London Bear!

Guess what your presents are? Well, the absence of David Krejci and Cliffy Hockey and the addition of Jeremy Lauzon! Aren’t you so excited for this?!? Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Inevitable

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Well, it happened. The Bruins finally logged a regulation loss at home for the first time this season. They happened to lose to a team that dealt them their first loss of the season, way back on October 10th, the Colorado Avalanche. Like Thanos equipped with all of the Infinity Stones, it was inevitable. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Assignments, Recalls

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After playing his first two NHL games in the past week, Jack Studnicka was assigned to Providence over the weekend. His fellow call-up, Brendan Gaunce, remained on the Bruins roster without playing a game since the Thanksgiving eve game against the Senators. Well, he’s not staying up. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday Depending Where You Live

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Last night the Bruins took on the Ottawa Senators playing in their barn just outside of Ottawa. Yeah, that makes sense.

Last night, the Bruins won a game against the Ottawa Senators playing in their barn just outside of Ottawa, in Kanata. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: There’s NO NEED FOR PANIC

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Patrice Bergeron. You know him, you love him. He’s all class, really the heart and soul of this team. And thanks to Mother Nature and Father Time, he is getting older.

Perfect Patrice

After playing professional hockey for the better part of 17 seasons, and a whole lot of amateur hockey before that, his body has some wear and tear. Personally, I worry about his groin far more than I should due to the nature of his position and his level of play; he’s battled a nagging injury over the past few years. Continue reading