Morning Free Association: 2021 Roster

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So we’re days away from the NHL season opener and about 4 or so days away from the Boston Bruins opener. This weekend the team made the final adjustments to the roster, sending a couple of players down to Providence to get the roster down to 21. Rosters were due to the NHL at 5pm Monday. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Waiver Wire

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On Saturday afternoon, the Boston Bruins placed forward Chris Wagner and defenseman John Moore on waivers.

Sunday afternoon, they both cleared. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Pasta’s Pasta

David Pastrnak is known for his charitable work with children. In the Beforetimes, Pasta was known to visit children at Boston area hospitals multiple times a week on his own. And he definitely loved Halloween visits as well. Unfortunately, he’s still unable to visit and make sick kids’ days. So what’s the next best thing? Pasta’s pasta, which raises funds for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund.

This is available for a limited time at the low price of 88 cents only at Stop and Shop with all the proceeds going to the aforementioned cancer research.

Continue reading

Morning Free Association: New Week

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Man oh man, am I so happy that this Patriots – Bucs game is over. One less sports thing on the plate to worry about. I know Sox fans are psyched that they clinched the wild card. And of course, Bruins fans are glad that the preseason is winding down and that the new season is mercifully only 12 days away. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Goodbye, David

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By now you’ve all heard that David Krejci chose to forgo re-signing in Boston to return home to the Czech Republic. It’s not all that surprising that he made this choice as he had planned to do that originally after signing his last extension back in 2014, albeit for different reasons. But it still hurts. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Sweeney Signed Some Guys

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The early part of Free Agency was a bit slow moving if you were a Bruins fan. Prior to the official start time of noon, all the hockey insiders were having a ball on Twitter leaking all the signings they knew and some of talks they heard about. Of course, the Bruins were mentioned in the same breath as players that would go elsewhere: Blake Coleman who ended up with the Flames, Jake McCabe ended up with the Blackhawks, etc. But things started heating up around 3pm and to be honest, I’m not sure I understand all of the moves but Satan81 tells me that they’re fantastic. Continue reading