Free Agent Frenzy Thread!!!!

Free agent frenzy starts at noon!!!! The Habs made a big push for Looch but now it looks like he’s going to the Oilers. Radulov was going to stay in the KHL but then he was going to the Wings but now he’s going to the Habs. Tyson Barrie may or may not be going to Edmonton and then Wiericoch might go to Colorado. Jason Demers was going to go to Edmonton but now Edmonton is waiting to see what’s up with Barrie first. The LouiTracker 5000 strongly indicates he’s going to the Canucks. Detroit is in on Matt Lorito. I have no idea who that is.

TSN’s staff Twitter feed is here. Elliotte Friedman’s feed is here. Trolls are everywhere! Be safe!

Morning Free Association, July 1 – NHL Free Agency 12:00 ET

It’s the calm before the storm of NHL free agency. At 12:00 ET today, teams are allowed to sign UFAs and offer sheet RFAs. Will the Bruins re-sign Loui? Will they sign Jimmy Vesey? Will they finally acquire some defense? Please? I mean, like, y’know, the good ones? Strap on your helmets and get your drinks ready!

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Bruins sign Scorey Krug to 4-year, $5.25mil/yr extension

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The Bruins just announced they signed Torey Krug to a 4-year, $5.25mil/yr extension:

As the Bruins mentioned, Krug scored a career-high 44 points last season, which ranked him 9th among NHL defensemen. I’m vehemently anti-smurf, but the Bruins took a chance on an undrafted, smurfy defenseman and ended up catching lightning in a bottle. You can say his minutes are sheltered or you can say he’s been effectively deployed. Whichever it is, he’s clearly part of the solution.

I’m a believer and I’m looking forward to at least four more years of goals, goals, goals!

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Bruins to buy out Dennis Seidenberg

From TSN’s Bob McKenzie:

The cap hits for the Bruins for the next four years:
2016-2017: $1,166,666.00
2017-2018: $2,166,666.00
2018-2019: $1,166,666.00
2019-2020: $1,166,666.00

Aaron Ward reports:

Seidenberg’s full no-movement clause made him, well, immoveable. His poor play and injury problems last season made him undesirable. There likely wasn’t any chance of him being claimed by Las Vegas in the expansion draft, or any trade partners for him when his NMC would be come a limited NTC on January 1. The cap hit is painful, especially in the second year of the buyout, but it appears that the B’s management saw a buyout as the only way to move forward.

That said, he was a crucial part of the Bruins’ Cup run in 2011 and he was a veteran leader for the team. Many, many thanks to Der Hammer for his time with the B’s and for bringing the Cup home to Boston.

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