Morning Free Association: Summer Bruins Socials

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I’m terrible at social media. I only seem to alternate between jokey and angry on Twitter. Facebook has been a place that makes me feel sad and leaves me unable to express myself in a real meaningful way. I miss Livejournal, but now the Russians own it and it’s not only no fun but also a place where people will try to scam you. Instagram has an interface that I don’t really like but works enough to allow me to post pictures of my adorabull, sweet baby angel, Vegas. Heck, it wasn’t until I started recording Charagrams that I discovered the hidden layers of Instagram: multiple pictures, pictures and videos in the same post, a hand reaching from the screen to deliver food into your mouth. So, it’s no surprise that unless I’m looking specifically at Bruins players’ social media feeds, I’m missing out. Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mothers’ Day and at, we like to celebrate the mother from whose womb we were unfairly evicted.

We meant to pay rent… really! It’s just we were going through a really hard time, what with recently losing all our sibling gametes and all…

Ahhh, well. That”s all water under the bridge.
Have a happy Mother’s Day!
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Reactions to Julien staying on as Head Coach

By now you’ve heard that Claude Julien will be behind the Bruins bench next season for a tenth straight year. You’ve heard what Don Sweeney and Claude have to say about this move, and as you can read, we at B2B saw little to no sense in firing him,┬ábut let’s take a look now at what the Twitterverse had to say about this important announcement.
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Tweet Show- Boston Bruins

Welcome to Tweet Show, Boston Bruins Edition, in which we take a look at what the players are saying and doing in the Twitterverse (and sometimes Instagram).

Hockey players are very busy people what with all the training, practicing, napping, and playing. The Boston Bruins players are no different. Believe it or not, they do have time for other things. Let’s have a peek at what’s going on in the player’s lives. Continue reading