Morning Free Association: FFFFUUUUUU

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Guys, I have nothing today.

Sure there was some announcement on Twitter about the Bruins and some charitable thing or other being announced today.

But there’s nothing I can report on here. It’s like the Bruins just stuck up a middle finger to us this summer and said, “Sit and spin! See you in September, bitchez.”

We’re so close, yet so far.

Everybody go get some tacos and enjoy your Tuesday.

Morning Free Association: Thank God It’s (Game) Four Day!

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Tonight the Bruins will take on the Maple Leafs in Toronto for game four of their series. As you might remember, Toronto took game 3 in an unevenly called game in which the Leafs came to play. They needed to or else they would have dropped to 0-3. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Are You Ready?

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Last night the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs officially started with a slate of games in various time zones. You had the Pittsburgh Penguins slaughtering the Philadelphia Flyers 7-0 in the east, the Winnipeg Jets almost letting the Minnesota Mild take the game because everyone is just so polite up in our neighbor to the north (3-2), and the Vegas Golden Knights showing everyone just how they roll in the desert with that opening ceremony that NBCSNPDQWTFBBQETC had to ruin by reminding us that there are hockey players waiting backstage. Here is some excellent pregame ceremony footage. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: First Years, Practice Lines, and a Signing

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Bruce Cassidy has been coaching for a Boston associated team for roughly the past ten years, 9 years in Providence and for a full year now with the big club up in Boston. IN Amalie Benjamin’s latest piece on the success of this season’s team, Cassidy explains why he’s drawn to working with the bear cubs. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Happy Birthday, Jags!

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Jaromir Jagr was unceremoniously released from his contract with the Calgary Flames on All Star Weekend. Well, he wasn’t released exactly, he was loaned to HC Kladno in the WSM Liga in Czech Republic, which he owns. Convenient, eh? Even though a return is unlikely, it isn’t completely out of the question; he still has a (suspended) contract with Calgary. Who knows what they’ll do with it. Continue reading