Morning Free Association 2/16/16

Good morning, everyone! While you were sleeping…

A banker in Arizona was bathing his twin daughters when he got a phone call saying he won an amazing rinkside ticket and free Coyotes jersey. Soon afterward, the Yotes devoured the Habs 6-2.

Kirk Luedeke posted his pre-trade-deadline podcast, which has good insight as to what we can expect from the Bruins at the trade deadline plus commentary on Bruins prospects and prospects from around the league.

What’s on tap?

Morning Free Association 2/15/16

Good morning, everyone! What a weird and wild weekend of hockey. First the Bruins caused the Tree Cat Head Things to fire their coach. Then Marchand scored against the Red Wings 8 seconds into the game, setting a franchise record for scoring the fastest goal. But then the Magic Man, Pavel Datsyuk, reached the 900-point plateau and the B’s ended up losing a wild one not against the Wild, 6-5.

What’s on tap?

Bruins vs. Red Wings Third Period Thread

Not gonna lie, we really miss you, Bergy. And I feel bad for Tuukka. As does the fantasy league team I have that had him starting today.

Anyway, thanks to a Seidenbomb, the gap’s been closed to trailing by only one goal. Did someone mention this becoming a 9-6 game? It certainly seems feasible at this point.

On a way more positive note: Laaaaaaaaam-bic!

Game Thread Bruins at Red Wings 2/14/16


die Liebe.

It’s apparent I love Google Translate.

Valentine’s Day is that special day, where you can look into the eyes of that special someone, maybe share a laugh, and think about the history the two of you share.

This reminds me of a poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The Red Wings’ Smith
Is still Worst Smith.

The Bruins have won the last two meetings these teams have had and have started off their road trip on a pretty solid note. The game will be on NBC, so I’m sure we’ll get an earful about Sidney Crosby one way or another, too.

Anyway, let’s get this thread started.

Happy Discounted Boxed Chocolate Eve, everyone!