NHL expansion to be decided on June 22

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman just announced at his annual address prior to Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals that league expansion will be decided at the Board of Governor’s meeting on June 22. The Board of Governors will choose one of the following options:

  • No expansion
  • Defer the decision on expansion for one year
  • One-team expansion
  • Two-team expansion
  • Presumably Bettman will be tight-lipped until the Board of Governors makes their decision. Until then, speculate away!

    Morning Free Association, Memorial Day Edition

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I was in Colmar, France on Saturday and visited the Bartholdi Museum here. He was the sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty, and they had a bunch of prototypes/concept models on display. He was interested in Egyptian and Greek mythology, and it shows in these models – early concepts had an Isis theme, but he later switched to a representation of the Roman goddess Libertas.

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    B2B’s 2016 NHL Entry Draft Preview: Pick 41

    Up next on the Bobby to Bergy prospects preview rolling in at pick number 41 is Sebastian Aho.
    A small center / winger from Finland, Aho is a playmaker first, who controls the puck well.

    Wait, the picture says he plays for Sweden, and I could have sworn Sebastian Aho was drafted by Carolina last year. What gives CB18?
    Oh shoot, you’re right, reader! Let me start over:
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