Game Thread: Bruins @ Carolina Whalercanes – February 26: First Period

Iron Man Doug Jarvis welcomes you to…¬†The Insurance Capital of the World¬† uh, Raleigh.

The Bruins head into Carolina for what could very well be a game of lasts: Eric Staal’s last game as a Hurricane, and Loui Eriksson’s last as a Bruin. Both will be unrestricted free agents in July, and the trade deadline is this coming Monday.

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Morning Free Association 2/26/2016

Good morning, everyone! Despite having the night off, the Bruins’ odds of making the playoffs improved last night with losses to New Jersey and Carolina. The Flyers are still in the playoff bubble mix after a possibly season-saving save of the season by Michael Neuvirth.

Carolina’s loss sets up a great opportunity for the Bruins tonight when they visit the Canes. A win tonight would further the playoff push, hurt the Canes’ playoff chances, and make it more likely that the Bruins leave Carolina with John-Michael Liles on the team plane.

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Game Day! Penguins at Bruins Period 1B and Added Period 3!

Our favourite play-by-play guy may not be calling the game on air but he is on the Twittermachine.

What else is there to say?