Game Recap: Egh. Bruins Lose to Sharks 3-2

Good job, good effort, Tuukka.
The Bruins have a pretty good start to their road trip, but their effort just wasn’t enough, and they fell to the Sharks last night 3-2 at the SAP Center. Too bad, cause a win here would have leap-frogged them (leapt-frog?) back into first place, over the Panthers who had the amazing luck to play the Habs so late in the season.

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The Long Slog Begins: Bruins vs. Sharks Game Thread

So he probably WON’T be playing tonight, but I’m writing this thingy so here’s a picture of him just because I can.

Hello! It’s a Tuesday night, we’re all feeling the effects of Daylight Savings Time, and games on this leg will end up literally spanning two days for most of you Bruins fans. But NOT ME! And that’s why I will be here, possibly typing into an abyss, as the Bruins kick off their West Coast Road Trip, or as some people like to call it, “The East Coast Bias Hyperawareness Tour.” FUN!

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Morning Free Association 3/15/16

On This Day in Hockey, the Sharks are looking for a new goal song, starting with this masterpiece:

The team used to play “Rock and Roll, Part 2” by Gary Glitter, but since Glitter is serving a 16-year sentence for sex crimes against children, I guess some folks objected on the flimsy grounds of “overwhelming existential and moral horror”. Pfah!
They then consisdered such cultural blockbusters as “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback. I’d thought they’d settled on a song by SixxAM (aka Nikki Sixx), which didn’t sound at all like that last one, but they are in the midst of a fan vote right now.

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