Game Day Thread: Coyotes at Bruins

There’s no rivlary between these two teams. And thankfully, we’re not going to have a TOI tracker for a player from each team. Yes, tonight’s game will be broadcast by our good buddies Jack and Brick on NESN. I never thought I would be so thankful for a NESN ‘cast than I was after the Sunday NBCSNQBDGTEONYKA on NBC. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: ‘Tis The Season…

…for all the teams to trade away their troubles (expiring deals leading to UFAs) and take on new assets (other people’s problems). It’s times for teams out of contention to sell and those in the playoff hunt to buy and stock up and go ALL IN.

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Morning Free Association: February 27

The Bruins wrapped up their four-game roadtrip yesterday in Dallas. Now some of us have plenty of reasons to hate the Dallas Stars but NBC made sure that they would hit on one point again, and again, and again – the Tyler Seguin trade from Boston to Dallas. The broadcasters on the NHL on NBC went so far as to create a false equivalence between Seguin and David Pastrnak, as if each of these respective players play the same role on their teams or even had anything to do with each other. This manifested in one of the most annoying time trackers that appeared under the score bar for the entire game: tracking Pastrnak and Seguins time on the ice. It made the afternoon annoying. Continue reading