Around the Rink: Adios, Anton!

So long, Dobie – we hardly knew ye!

Today, we have an interesting grab bag of all things hockey – free agency, college hockey, European players jumping ship (and rightfully so), stats, fancy stats, and more.

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Playoffs? We’re talking about playoffs?!

Yes it’s that time again!

No, not for the Bruins yet, but for Bruins prospects! The Bruins have nine eight players in the NCAA tournament (not counting Wiley Sherman who would have been nine playing for Yale but was out with an injury). Also kicking off this weekend is the CHL playoffs in which the Bruins have five players skating. One in the OHL, two in the QMJHL and two in the WHL. So how are the baby-baby Bruins doing? Every Monday there will be an update to this table on how the players are doing.

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