Bruins @ Lightning, 3/8 game recap

First Period
Well Gustavsson got the start for this one
Which makes sense. Playing Rask 120+ minutes in two straight nights is just friggin’ absurd. The game started out with a ton of intensity, all of which boiled up to matching minors from the 11’s, Jimmy “Mayes” Hayes & Brian Boyle for roughing. The pace of the 1st period is up there, both teams not giving up much, however both teams get some good chances. The game has some snarl to it, which is always entertaining. At 16:26 Chara goes to the box for high sticking. Marchand gets the best chance of the period however and is robbed by Bishop.

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Morning Free Association 3/9/16

Rad Brad loves you smore and smore!!!!!!!

Good morning, everyone! I love waking up to see wins! The Bruins and Lightning sure love 1-0 thrillers! Alas, the win was in OT so we didn’t claim the division lead, but we’re 4-0-1 in the Steampunk Lily era!

Jonas Gustavsson had some water bottle issues.

The Bruins odds of making the playoffs are now 98.9%. Things are looking dicey for the Penguins and Red Wings, as the Road Cones are nipping at their heels.

Coming up tomorrow is a dreaded home game. What’s on tap?

Bruins @ Lightning period 1+1 thread

No score after one. Now we’re gonna add one more to this game so far and maybe we can score goals against Ben Bishop but not have goals scored on Jonas Gustavsson. As Jack Edwards said early in the period though “There’s some good nasty going on tonight”. Yes there is Jack.

A note while listening to the intermission report. Ray Bourque scored his only hat trick tonight in 1983 against the Nordiques in an 11-5 win. Feels weird that Bourque only had 1 hat trick in his career.

How we doin!?

Bruins @ Lightning 3/8/2016

Good evening folks as the Boston Bruins take on the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Amabile Amalie Arena tonight at 7:30. What gives with the Florida start times being 7:30 instead of 7:00? I mean the early bird special is at 4:30 and that should be plenty of time to get home for the game. Just kidding Florida natives, you’re not all old!
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