Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One, Day Two

Night Two of the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs occurred last night with a slate of four games, some more exciting than others. At least one team suffered a serious injury that may result in an end to that player’s season. A couple of teams almost killed their games and playoff dreams with penalties. One game forced Bruins fans to root for one or the other ex-Bruins player. Find out what happened by reading these recaps. Continue reading

Reactions to Julien staying on as Head Coach

By now you’ve heard that Claude Julien will be behind the Bruins bench next season for a tenth straight year. You’ve heard what Don Sweeney and Claude have to say about this move, and as you can read, we at B2B saw little to no sense in firing him,┬ábut let’s take a look now at what the Twitterverse had to say about this important announcement.
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Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One, Day One

Where’s Stanley? It’s too early to tell. Phil Pritchard isn’t telling. (Ok, he probably would say, but there’s 4 rounds of games to go, so we didn’t ask.)

Three games last night. Did you see them all? We did.
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