Morning Free Association: New Jerseys, Retro Remix

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As we saw last week, NHL teams are debuting a new look sweater this year called the Retro Remix. For what I’ve seen, every team is doing that, even teams that don’t have a past per se like the Vegas Golden Knights. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Yay, the Weekend is Here!

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Yay, we did it! We made it through another week! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Your Five Fave Bruins…GO!

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Ah yes, here we are in the wasteland of the crappiest year on record this millenium. I mean 2016 was bad with all sorts of notable talents leaping off this mortal coil (Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher) but 2020 takes the cake.

Yes, hockey season should be happening right now and Tuukka Rask, in a normal season, would just about now be righting his ship after a poor first three weeks. But, 2020 and the ‘Rona have screwed all that up. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Season Plans

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Surprise! The NHL still has no idea how they’re going to play games next season. Or when that season will actually start. Or how many games they will play in the regular season. Or if the same plan and protocols they come up with will continue throughout the season. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: New Thirds Revealed (Maybe)

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Many NHL teams are changing their look this season. Some are adding an alternate or third jersey. Others are looking to the past for inspiration. And some like Vegas have a third jersey design for the very first time. When you’re a 4 year-old team, you don’t really have a previous sweater to choose from.

Continue reading

Morning Free Association: We Have a Winner!

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As we all know, the election of the cutest dog of a Bruins player has been a long hard-fought battle of the last decade from last week. It was contentious not only because one candidate, Bodie Coyle, falsely claimed victory based upon no substantial evidence, i.e., zero ballots cast for him, but also because there seemed to be confusion about which Otto to vote for. Only after Otto the bus driver was disqualified did we learn there was a single mail-in ballot located in Monrovia that had yet to be opened and tabulated. Continue reading