Morning Free Association: Take the Cake

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Zdeno Chara turned 42 yesterday and the team bought him a cake, which he ate to be polite.

While the huge defenseman from Slovakia has reached a significant age, he is not ready to retire just yet. However, he has consulted former players like Nicklas Lidstrom, and former teammates Mark Recchi and Jaromir Jagr. What he found out was that each of these players knew when they would retire from the NHL due to their desire to train as hard burning out. That does not seem to be a problem with Chara at this time.

The article is revealing in that it seems to lay out the idea that Big Zee will retire with the team when it’s time, that the team seems to want to work with him on that. While neither side has said anything about a new contract, it seems to be a given that one will be worked out in time for the new season.

Chara’s time on ice has been declining on purpose to keep him fresher for longer into the playoffs. While Bruce Cassidy has wanted to rest the big guy, Chara has refused to sit games and instead wanted maintenance days- days without practice- since practice seems redundant at this stage of the season, and quite frankly, at this stage in his career. Anyone who has viewed his Instagram knows that Chara trains harder than just about anyone, including changing his diet and working on footwork along with strength training. The man is a beast.

Let’s hope that Chara’s career has at least one more Stanley Cup hoisted higher than any other player ever has done before.

Morning Free Association: Breaking Bad

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On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, the Garden was filled twice with fans watching their winter sports teams play in both matinee and evening games. The Bruins played the later game on that day with the ice being a little bit shitty. But what better way to play a hockey game with playoff implications on the line! Continue reading

Game Day Thread: Columbus Blue Jackets @ Boston Bruins

Pat Cleary is Irish

The Bruins are back in Boston today, defending the home turf against the Columbus BJs.
Be there! Or be someplace else, as the law of conservation of mass suggests that you need to exist someplace in space and time for a continuous length of time.

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Morning Free Association: Welp

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Well, the Bruins have dropped three in a row after riding a nineteen-game point streak. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Winterpeg

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The Bruins are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for a game tonight. In a radio interview with Dale & Keefe on WEEI, Patrice Bergeron said that it wasn’t warm up there and also, “We’re back in Canada,” which is a euphemism for it’s cold enough to freeze your gonads off. Also, Patrice has no advice for what to do in Winnipeg. Continue reading