Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mothers’ Day and at BobbyToBergy.com, we like to celebrate the mother from whose womb we were unfairly evicted.

We meant to pay rent… really! It’s just we were going through a really hard time, what with recently losing all our sibling gametes and all…

Ahhh, well. That”s all water under the bridge.
Have a happy Mother’s Day!
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All-Purpose Game Thread: NHL Round Two and WHC, May 8

Many more hockeys! The Islanders face elimination in Game 5 against the Lightning. Six more WHC games! We got:

Islanders @ Lightning, 3:00PM ET, Tampa Bay leads 3-1

Qazaqstan vs. Rossija, 5:15AM ET
Magyarország vs. Canada, 5:15AM ET
Norge vs. Confoederatio Helvetica, 9:15AM ET
Suomi vs. Deutschland, 9:15AM ET
Sverige vs. Danmark, 1:15PM ET
France vs. Slovensko, 1:15PM ET

Watch all the hockeys!

All-Purpose Game Thread: NHL Playoffs Round Two plus WHC, May 7 2016

All the purposes! Blues @ Stars, Pens @ Caps, and Predleys @ Sharks in NHL playoff action. The World Hockey Championships are in full swing, too! Frank Vatrano takes on Bielarus while Pasta takes on Latvija! We got:

Blues @ Stars, 1:00 ET, Series tied 2-2
Penguins @ Capitals, 7:15 ET, Pittsburgh leads 3-1
Predleys @ Sharks, 10:00 ET, Series tied 2-2

Latvija vs. Cesko, 1:15 ET
Bielarus vs. USA, 1:15 ET

Watch all the hockeys!