Bruins at Predators Period 1A

The Bruins (31-20-6, 68) continue their roadtrip at Bridgestone Arena against the Nashville Predators (26-21-10, 62) tonight. The Bruins are still 3rd in the Atlantic while the Predators are struggling at 5th in the highly competitive Central Division.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. I would rather that we focus on…the points leaders for each team. Of course, Perfect Patrice leads all Bruins players with 48 points. On the opposing side we have Roman Josi leading all Preds players with 42 points. Not bad for a defenseman.

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Morning Free Association 2/18/2016

Good morning, everyone!

Dennis Wideman’s 20-game suspension was upheld by Gary Bettman yesterday. The NHLPA plans to file an appeal. Central to the decision was a text message from Wideman to a teammate saying, “the only problem and the only reason I’m here is cause the stupid refs and stupid media.” The upheld suspension might make Wideman a cheaper option at the trade deadline for a team that feels confident about making the playoffs already.

The Bruins are in Nashville tonight to face the Toothcats, a possible trade partner at the deadline. Nashville’s still looking for offense, so it would be nice to score lots of goals on them to show them things they would like to trade for. But if we score lots of goals on them, maybe they will think they need to improve their defense, which is what we want to do, too. Hrm…

What’s on tap?

Bruins @ Blue Jackets 2/16/16 – Third Period


Period 1B was nothing special.


Back and forth action, mostly, and some penalties in each direction. McQuaid phantom tripped Saad, who didn’t actually fall down. Still tied at 1.


Tuukka Rask was shaken up at the end of the first after a Matt Beleskey hit gone all kinds of wrong, but he came back to make some big saves.


On tap: more wine.

Too bad I don’t have any from the great nation of Finland, home of our Lord and Savior, Tuukka Rask.


Bruins @ Blue Jackets 2/16/16: Period 1B – Electric Boogaloo

‘s back, back, back… Back again.

Guess who’s back, back, back, back again…

Bergy’s back… Tell a friend.

If you answered “Quiader”, you’re correct, he’s also back, and he’s scrappy. He missed being out among the people, punching them and crushing them to a nice, fine pulp.

Dumb Bruins D actually played defense and hooked and held the hell out of Alexander Wennberg, who was awarded a penalty shot, on which he capitalized. Regarding the defense: bitches be trippin’. OK, bitches actually be holdin’ and hookin’, but whatevs. Don’t kill my vibe, peeps.

Also, Bergy tied the game because he’s perfect and wonderful and everything that’s right about hockey. It’s a brand new game.


On to period 1B!