Morning Free Association: 3/22/16

Good morning!

Rob O’Gara says hello!

The Bruins are in third place in the division, three points behind the Panthers. The Lightning are a point ahead of the B’s, with a game at hand. The season is dwindling, and the Bruins need to keep winning. Or losing in overtime. Something that gets points.
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In Honor of the Sizeable Armenian Population in L.A.

երկրորդ շրջանը թեմա

Vittu,vittu, vittu vittu!

Aside from that goal by Tanner Pearson, I think the Bruins had a pretty damn strong period. I mean, the shots on net are horrifically lopsided, but not giving up two goals right away makes anything look better. Let’s hope and pray that the last minute goal doesn’t take the wind out of their sails for the rest of the game.

Awww…Pasta stuck up for Krejci. Cute.