Game Recap: The Devils Inside

david and goliath-NJDBs

So, how do we even? Can you even? I cannot EVEN.

Simply put, the Boston Bruins are picking a terrible time to suck. This is the point in the season when teams start to get hot, enter the playoffs on a winning streak, use that winning momentum to crush the life out of lesser teams that finally play like lesser teams. Instead, the Bruins play the part of Goliath and let David (not our Davids) slingshot a rock in their eye.

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Morning Free Association 3/30/16


Wow. Great. Yeah.

A Habs friend of mine needled me about Bruins fans having to root for the Habs against the Wings last night. At least they don’t play anyone we care about for the remainder of the season. As far as upcoming Bruins games, it’s looking like it’s all gonna come down to that April 7 game against the Wings.

Ah, but the upcoming opponent Hawks will be without Keith for at least the immediate future after he slashed a guy in the head last night. Given Keith’s suspension history and the viciousness of the slash, we may see a suspension that extends into the playoffs. Corey Crawford remains out with a head injury, so the Bruins have the opportunity to face a backup goaltender. Oh wait, that’s bad.

All 30 nominees for the Masterton Trophy have been announced.

Has Jimmy Vesey already decided on the Bruins? Can he sing?

Devils Night 2: The Deviling

Unfortunately, the Bruins Penalty Kill is not so great when Bergeron is in the box. Bad, Bergy, very bad!

Fortunately, the Bruins looked downright energetic after Travis Zajac’s PPG. Let’s hope that energy carries through the next periods.

I’m manning the Twitter account and find that it’s a fun way to take notes on the game. Expect the Game Recap to just be 200+ embedded Tweets. Really. Ok, not really. But REALLY.

(Yes, that editorial image is what you get when you’re lazy and you just type in Bergeron at Getty Images.)

Devils Night: Bruins at Devils 3/29


The Bruins are in Newark to play the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center tonight at 7pm. The Bruins still cling to third in the Atlantic with 88 points with the Detroit Red Wings breathing down their necks in the first Wild Card spot at 87 points. What’s worse is that the Wings are playing the Habs in Montreal tonight, which makes me want to root for Team Meteor to win in Quebec. So, as stated in a previous Game Recap, a win here is a Super Duper Important Win™. Continue reading

Around the Rink: Adios, Anton!

So long, Dobie – we hardly knew ye!

Today, we have an interesting grab bag of all things hockey – free agency, college hockey, European players jumping ship (and rightfully so), stats, fancy stats, and more.

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