Morning Free Association: Staying Connected, Volume 3

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In the latest Missed Connections Staying Connected, Kevan Miller and David Pastrnak chat for a few minutes about their summer, biceps, and locations. Kevan Miller is working out somewhere in Colorado. Pasta is in a different, very European locale. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Special Commendation

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Hey guys and gals,

I’m not really up for writing things right now, so I thought I might just drop this thing that speaks for itself in here.

Morning Free Association: Find Your Shen

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Pavel Shen, a 2018 seventh-round draft pick by the Bruins, signed his entry-level contract with the club for three-years worth $809,167 at the NHL level and $70,000 at the AHL level. This news wasn’t a surprise since last week it was reported that he was negotiating with his KHL club to terminate his contract. Continue reading