Morning Free Association: Montreal Atypical

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Last night the Boston Bruins played what might have been their most complete game this season and the Montreal Canadiens turned up toothless. Sure, the Habs led in shots on goal 37-24. However, the Bruins made the most of their 24 shots by scoring on a third of them, resulting in a win for this team of injury-plagued, rag-tag misfits. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: There’s NO NEED FOR PANIC

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Patrice Bergeron. You know him, you love him. He’s all class, really the heart and soul of this team. And thanks to Mother Nature and Father Time, he is getting older.

Perfect Patrice

After playing professional hockey for the better part of 17 seasons, and a whole lot of amateur hockey before that, his body has some wear and tear. Personally, I worry about his groin far more than I should due to the nature of his position and his level of play; he’s battled a nagging injury over the past few years. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The New Jerseys Are Here!

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Wow, we’re coming in hot with this news. Maybe we need to tone it down.

On Sunday in the Seaport, the Boston Bruins held their annual Season Ticket Holder Holiday Festival event. At the event, the Bruins unveiled their new third jersey, to be worn on eleven home game days this season, starting with Friday afternoon’s HUGE BLACK FRIDAY MANATEE game against the New York Rangers. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Save by Rask!

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There are a lot of things that you could focus on about last night’s game. One could be the inability for the Bruins to register a shot on goal until Brandon Carlo took a shot more than halfway through the first period.

At that point, the Sabres led in shots on goal 14-1. Continue reading