Morning Free Association: Game 3

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You never know which Bruins team is going to show up in this first round series. Is it going to be the team that looks like it just showed up about 30 minutes before game time, forgot they were playing that night, hastily got dressed and played a lackluster, lifeless game? Or is it the team that imposes its will through thorough body checks, completed stretch passes, and lustful goal scoring. Last night, it was version 1 for the most part. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Monday, Gameday

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The Boston Bruins showed up to play on Saturday night. David Backes was back in the lineup and it seemed the directive was to hit everything that wore a white sweater, taking on the Leafs speed game with physicality. And it seemed to work. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: What Happened?

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I thought there was supposed to be a game last night, a Bruins playoff game. Apparently, there wasn’t one or we all had a bad dream.

Like, I thought Bergy scored a power play goal and that we won the game, right?

I know I didn’t see a penalty shot awarded to Mitch Marner during a Bruins power play. I know that Tuukka didn’t have to face a shot that he could have totally stopped had he bothered to move, right?

The Bruins obviously didn’t play a game last night because I would have known that the Bruins would have looked like the resilient team that survived a crushing amount of injuries to big name players and 2/3 of the defense at times during the season. There’s simply no way that the team played a playoff game last night. Continue reading