Morning Free Association: Bruins at NHL Awards

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Red alert! Red alert! For the second year in a row, Patrice Bergeron failed to receive the Selke Trophy. Were I conspiracy-minded, I would say that while Bergy has been nominated a record eighth year, the powers that be want him to remain tied with Bob Gainey with four wins. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: NHL Awards (Gritty Edition)

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Let’s start this morning off the right way, with a Bergygram from the man himself at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas.

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Morning Free Association: Moving On, Again

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Bruins GM Don Sweeney and Head Coach Bruce Cassidy held an end-of-season presser yesterday to talk about the Bruins great 2018-19 season and where certain Bruins are in terms of staying on the team. They also gave some updates on injuries and procedures. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Break-up Day

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It wouldn’t come as a surprise to most if not all Bruins fans to learn that many Bruins players were battling through injuries. Just from the play of the top line, a line that was dominant through most of the season against just about any team and line, one could tell that something wasn’t right. As it turns out, on that line alone, many things weren’t right. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Our New Season is the Offseason

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So the offseason is here. Soon will come the Boston Bruins breakdown day when we find out about all the injuries that everyone had, including the top line.

The ice at the Garden is already being destroyed, to be created again in September in preparation for the next season. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Well That Sucked

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There will be no Stanley Cup Parade in Boston because the Bruins just couldn’t get it together to win the last game.

It’s over.