Morning Free Association: A Wild Ride

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I’m getting desperate here. I’ve heard rumblings from poor sources about Torey Krug trade rumors, but won’t dignify them in this space. There is nothing else going on. So, let’s entertain ourselves. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Puppy!

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Guys, there’s nothing going on. And it’s late and I’m tired. So, let’s check in on the NY Rangers’ pup, Ranger. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Spell it Right, Bitch

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Somehow over the course of the summer I have managed to forget about the impending doom that is Jaroslav Halak to Tuukka Rask. I guess I just plumb forgot that the Bruins backup net minder was the former starter for the Isles. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Charlie and Charlie

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Yesterday’s MFA was a bummer. Sorry! This time of year is just sucking the life out of all of us.

Today’s is much better because it involves two Charlies. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: No Body Contact

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This weekend, former NHL player Eric Lindros spoke at a concussion symposium called See the Light. At it, he expressed his very specific viewpoint on what the NHL should do to prevent brain injuries: stop all body contact. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: NHL Alternate Logos

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Sure, this is old stuff. However, BarDown brought this concept back because there is one more team in the mix since the creation of these primo, top hat, alternate logos.

The Vegus Goldn Hats!

Vegus Goldn Hats