Winter Classic 2019: Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks

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Today is New Years day. Time to review the year we have lived through and think about how to live the upcoming year. It is also the day of the NHL Winter Classic. An outdoor matinee game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins at a rink assembled at the football stadium at Notre Dame University
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Morning Free Association: Winter Classic Eve

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When last we left our intrepid heroes…

They had just lost the second game of a two-game losing streak at home against the hapless New Jersey Devils. Seriously, in those two games, the Bruins allowed 5 goals in each (not all with a goaltender in net). After that game, the B’s were down two forwards: Brad Marchand with an upper body injury and David Backes to a three-game suspension after an illegal check to the head of Blake Coleman. Well, I guess someone’s gotta be suspended for the Winter Classic, just glad this time it wasn’t Brad. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Dog Hockey

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You know what? Last night’s game sucked. So did the one before it on Sunday. Neither game is worth talking about. Instead, let’s talk about what happened on another rink in another league. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Brad’s Winter Classic Hopes

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Brad Marchand is playing in the Winter Classic on January 1st and he’s super stoked about it. He’s got family going to Notre Dame Stadium, though not as much as last time, when he ended up not playing due to suspension. He’s hoping to not due anything to jeopardize his chance to play this time.

You see, Brad has not had the best luck with regards to playing in this big outdoor game. In 2010, he missed the WC after being sent down to Providence beforehand and getting injured. In 2016, he was suspended due to actions in the game prior to the game at Gillette. (If you ask me, Borowiecki probably deserved that hit.)

Anyway, Brad is trying to make sure he stays on his (mostly) best behavior, probably following Melania Trumps vague and garbled Be Best message, despite having all the penalty minutes this season. (He must be a beast in fantasy hockey this season since he wants to have all the points, too.)

Anyway, hockey returns tonight with the Bruins taking on the Devils at the Garden. Brad, behave! We want to see you rock that game!