Morning Free Association: It’s Over

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Well, all good things come to an end. Last night, the Bruins nineteen-game point streak came to an end when the Bruins dropped to the Penguins, 4-2. It was a good run and it was only a matter of time before the streak was ended. Thankfully, it wasn’t stopped by the Senators, because losing to the worst team in the NHL is awful.

So, the only thing the Bruins can do now is start a new win streak. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: That Celebration

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Hey guys,

It’s late and I didn’t watch the game because

Captain Marvel

but I thought I would just remind you of how awesome the end of last night’s game was by seeing this fantastic shot of the Captain Bruin and his many cubs celebrating the last seconds goal by Alternate-and-Future-Captain Perfect.

Happy Weekend!

Update: Brad liked the picture enough to meme it.

I love Brad. I’m definitely #TeamBrad.

Morning Free Association: March 7, 2019

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Poor Marcus Johansson. He joined the Bruins just a week ago and he’s already injured. As it turns out, it was a fairly serious injury.

Johansson spent the night at MGH after being knocked out of Tuesdays game with a forceful shoulder-to-shoulder hit by Micheal Ferland. As it turns out, Johansson has a lung contusion, which is basically a bruised lung that complicates breathing and oxygen transmission. He’ll be re-evaluated in a week. Continue reading