Morning Free Association: Back in ‘Lumbus

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Tonight, the Bruins take the ice in enemy territory at Nationwide Arena in Columbus. After luxuriating in having an extra day in between games to rest, the Bruins all seem to have one thing on their mind: the cannon. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Monday, April 29

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It had to happen sometime. The Bruins couldn’t simply keep up this momentum by winning four games in a row, not in the playoffs. The Bruins had to lose. Perhaps, though they didn’t need to lose by shooting themselves in their own foot. Continue reading

Playoff Game Day Thread – Round 2, Game 2: Columbus Blue Jackets @ Boston Bruins

It’s the second round of the playoffs, and the Bruins are still in it, and they’ve done two things the regular season-leading Tampa Bay Lightning were unable to do – advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs, and win a playoff game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. That’s a pretty good start. Let’s keep it going. Tonight, on NBC.

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Morning Free Association: Game 1

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Last night’s Game 1 was not a gimme by any measure. If it is an indicator of what’s to come, goals will be hard to come by and the Bruins will be banged up in the end. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Round 2 Starts Tonight

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These Stanley Cup Playoffs are chaotic; evil or good depends upon your vantage point. Last night was the final game of the first round, another series that went to Game 7 and multiple overtimes to determine the winner, the Carolina Hurricanes. Continue reading