Morning Free Association: Happy Trade Deadline Day!

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It’s that day of the year again: Trade Deadline Day! It’s a day in which we sit back at our desks with some popcorn and enjoy players being bandied about by teams in order to bolster themselves for a hearty playoff run or to relieve themselves of assets so they can try again next season. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Forty-one

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In 24 days, Zdeno Chara will turn 41.

Have you selected your present for him? Remember, he eats a plant-based diet now and probably has some weird carb restrictions so it might have to be a soybean based cake.

Seriously though, 41. That is an advanced age for an NHL defender. And still, he can take on the much younger opposing forwards and shut. them. down. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Oil Spill

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Last night in Edmonton, the Bruins proved that they can indeed come back from a two-goal deficit. While the Oilers owned the first two periods, that Boston team we all know and love took possession of the game in the third and never gave it back. Continue reading