Morning Free Association: May 31

We are still devoid of Internet service (thank you very much, Comcast. This problem has only been simmering for the past 17 years – we’re not at all tired of the workarounds because you can’t get your sorry asses up the correct utility pole), so this MFA will be brief and poorly illustrated.

The P-Bruins lost the AHL ECF this weekend to the Syracuse Crunch. Booooooo.

The Penguins beat the Nashville Predators in the 1st game of the Stanley Cup Final. Also boooooo!
Also, as a Bruins fan, I find myself confused and angered by an NHL game between a team wearing black and a team wearing gold – neither of which are the Bruins.

Still, Stanley Cup Final game number 2: This Time It’s Serious is coming up.

The Hockeys.


Morning Free Association: The Final is Set

After Game 7 spilled into double overtime, the Penguins finally pulled out the win to advance to the Stanley Cup Final. NBC must be breathing a sigh of relief that at least one reliable hockey market will grant them ratings for this series. Don’t get me wrong, while I believe that they’ve become a hockey town, Nashville is still not the broadcast market that Pittsburgh is. It could be worse: we could be hearing about Ottawa’s inability to sell out each weeknight game while they played boring-ass hockey. Continue reading