Code of Conduct

Our goals

With Bobby To Bergy, we intend to create an inclusive, respectful place for Bruins fans and other hockey fans to hang out and talk hockey and have fun. We can argue and chirp, but it must be friendly and respectful. Think of it as a pub where you hang out with your friends to watch hockey. Treat people well and have fun, but don’t shit where you drink.

Oh yeah, expect some f-bombs and other colorful language, but nothing hostile directed at anyone.

Our blog, our rules

How we handle comments on Bobby To Bergy is entirely up to us. We will do what we need to to keep the discussions reasonable and on-topic, at our sole judgement and discretion. Violations of the community guidelines can result in account bans. We may warn you first or ban you immediately, as the situation warrants.

Comments that contain slurs and other content that is derogatory towards an entire class of people based on their race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, class, religion, age, or other self-identified or imputed identity are prohibited.

Harassment and abuse by any participants in Bobby To Bergy are prohibited and can be reported to the editors [here].

Trolling and serial complaining about the team are also prohibited. Constructive criticism about players is good, but coming here just to dump on players is not. Friendly chirping and banter from fans over other teams is good, trolling and drive-bys are not.

Time limits

We’ve set up the blog to automatically turn off comments on any post older than 20 days. We may, at our discretion choose to turn off comments sooner.

General feedback

If you have any questions, comments, issues, or other feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our editors here. We’ll make a commitment to listen to your concerns. You may not like our answers, but we will listen and respond.

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