Morning Free Association: Ha Ha Habs

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The Bruins are now 20-11-2. Since New Year’s Day they have won 6 of 7 games. In that span Brad Marchand has scored 8 goals with 4 assists. Last night was a pretty good one for him.

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Morning Free Association: Luck? What’s That?

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The Boston Bruins played a game last night against the Vegas Golden Knights. They played a game but not very well. Of course, there were reasons why that might happen. Two of them might have been the two players placed in Covid protocol in quick succession yesterday morning: Craig Smith and Brad Marchand. Marchand reportedly tested positive after practice.

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Morning Free Association: Marchand Suspended Again!

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If you were watching Sunday’s game, early in the first period you would have seen Brad Marchand take down Vancouver’s Oliver Ekman-Larsson in the one of the many battles the two endured on the ice that night. When I first saw it, I thought he would get called for a slewfoot but when Jack and Brick said it was a good hit and no one called it, I went on with my life and thought about it no more. Well, the NHL Department of Player Safety had an issue because they suspended Brad Marchand for three games. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Well, They Won One, I Guess

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This Boston Bruins team is becoming redundant and quite a bore to talk about. In fact, of the past 7 years, it always seems that this team has the same problems just moved around the roster. They have defensemen but not the right pairings (actually, this is kind of new). Have we solved for 2C? Charlie Coyle is having himself a tidy little season but the rest of his line is kind of underperforming or up in the air. After a few games away, Craig Smith joined that line again last night. And then there are the goalies. Swayman is suffering losses, the defense seems overwhelmed at times and is unable to help while Ullmark tweaked something and may not be 100%. He looked kind of bad in the first period of the game last night but somehow turned it around. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: That Was Something

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Did you watch last night’s game? It was the first preseason game on TNT and it showed. From a lack of studio show to start, to interruptions in the broadcast, one functional camera that had the top of the screen cut off and playing at the bottom, to Rick Tocchets microphone just plain not working for the first few minutes of the first intermission show, it was a bit of a rough watch. If you liked the broadcast team of Kenny Albert, Eddy Olczyk, and Keith Jones between the glass, this was the game for you. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: It’s Over

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I’m writing this just after 9pm on Wednesday night while the Bruins are currently losing to the Islanders. The Islanders have just gone up 4-1 after I made some private remarks to friends that Tuukka wasn’t moving right. I hope he’s pulled for the third period. At this point we’ve turned off the game, IW has retreated to the basement to get away from this misery, and I’m wondering if I want to try again in the third. I watched the last goal that went in against by Kyle Palmieri without commentary thinking that it would be better. It wasn’t. Continue reading