Morning Free Association: Two More Points

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Last night the Bruins won against a depleted New Jersey Devils team. The Devils were missing a lot of their players.

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Morning Free Association: Updates

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When getting ready to write a post, I often think about whatever news I might have heard or read that day and then try to find a way to express that in an interesting way, a sarcastic way, or in many cases, in a way that expresses my love of the medical and medicinal. Naturally, when I heard an update about an injured Bruin, I wrote something up right away, intending to publish it today. Well, the rest of yesterday happened, so that article was pushed until tomorrow. Now, I find myself writing something much later in the day (on a day in which my primary opponent was myself) and have to parse two different sets of news into one piece. More work today means less tomorrow, right?

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Morning Free Association: That Was Something

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Did you watch last night’s game? It was the first preseason game on TNT and it showed. From a lack of studio show to start, to interruptions in the broadcast, one functional camera that had the top of the screen cut off and playing at the bottom, to Rick Tocchets microphone just plain not working for the first few minutes of the first intermission show, it was a bit of a rough watch. If you liked the broadcast team of Kenny Albert, Eddy Olczyk, and Keith Jones between the glass, this was the game for you. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Captain’s Future

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With the season inching closer, more and more Bruins players are trickling back into town. Some have shown up to skate at Warrior in the traditional Captains practices including new Bruin Nick Foligno and the captain himself. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: New Bruin Alert!

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No, Don Sweeney didn’t sign someone new.

*Checks Twitter quickly*

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Morning Free Association: Six More Years of Carlo

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The Boston Bruins have one less contract to worry about. On Wednesday, the Boston Bruins announced that they had to come to terms with impending RFA Brandon Carlo on a six-year $24.6 million deal. Continue reading