Morning Free Association: Lost in the Shuffle

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Last week the Boston Bruins signed a couple of players, both prospects who have put their college days behind them. While they will see no further playing time this season due to the Providence Bruins folding up their season, they’ll be more than ready for development camp and beyond, whenever that happens. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Top Bruins

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Let’s end this tough hockey-less week on a positive note: the Bruins are awesome. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: On to Philly

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Brandon Carlo finally revealed how he felt about his contract situation on that most important of news outlets: Instagram. He did so in such a dry manner, one in which our own resident geologist who doesn’t have time for us anymore, described as “his self-aware humor is very Hal Gill-esque”. It must come with the jersey number. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Brando Carlrissian is Back

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Yesterday morning or perhaps late into the night before, Brandon Carlo agreed to a bridge deal to end his training camp holdout, a deal that turns out to be a fantastic deal for the Bruins in both the short and long term: 2 years at $2.85 million AAV. After locking up both Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo for under $8 million for the next two years is the kind of skill that resulted in Don Sweeney winning GM of The Year for the 2018-19 season. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: January 11

David Backes’ night in St. Louis. In his return to St. Louis, he was the focus pregame and in the first TV timeout (which NESN was very classy in ignoring so that they could show the tribute and the reactions of both David and his wife Kelly. It’s clear they both meant a lot to the city and the team. Continue reading

Morning Free Association, September 26

The View from The Big Stick

On Saturday, Intentionally Widenberg and I were able to attend a practice at the Bruins new practice Facility, Warrior Ice Arena in Brighton. It is very shiny and new. Continue reading