Morning Free Association: Black Aces?

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Phase 3 of the NHL’s plan to reopen the season with postseason play will begin on July 10th when teams will start their training camps. At that time, teams are allowed to bring 30 skaters to camp and unlimited goaltenders. Yep, goaltenders are being treated like salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Top Bruins

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Let’s end this tough hockey-less week on a positive note: the Bruins are awesome. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Calamity in Columbus

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It seemed like the thing we’d all be talking about with regards to last night’s game would be the re-emergence of NO GOAL and possibly even how the first period alone saw two goaltender interference calls, one resulting in a power play, the other in, well, the aforementioned called-back goal. As it turns out, Charlie McAvoy had something to say about that. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: All Star Break

So it’s the All-Star break. The Bruins don’t have another game until next Tuesday, Jan. 28th. The Bruins have played 49 of their 82 game schedule and are still in the playoff structure at the 3rd spot in the Atlantic division. However, there are still games for other NHL teams over the next few days, including Caps @ Leafs and Yotes @ Habs.
And the Habs are tied with the Bruins, behind by only a single ROW and a game in hand.
Anyway, it’s still not a bad spot to be in.
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