Morning Free Association: Black Aces?

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Phase 3 of the NHL’s plan to reopen the season with postseason play will begin on July 10th when teams will start their training camps. At that time, teams are allowed to bring 30 skaters to camp and unlimited goaltenders. Yep, goaltenders are being treated like salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Hump Day

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Believe it or not, today is Wednesday. It would be Tax Day, but since time has no meaning right now and there are many other concerns, that’s been pushed off into the future. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Bruins Moves

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Yesterday was the start of NHL Free Agency and the Bruins signed some players, some of which we’ve heard of and some that we haven’t. Continue reading

Game Day Thread: Columbus Blue Jackets @ Boston Bruins

Pat Cleary is Irish

The Bruins are back in Boston today, defending the home turf against the Columbus BJs.
Be there! Or be someplace else, as the law of conservation of mass suggests that you need to exist someplace in space and time for a continuous length of time.

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