Morning Free Association: More Skating

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For a little over 2 weeks, the NHL has been in Phase 2 of it’s plan to re-open the league. At first, the league was only allowing a small amount of players to skate with each other in small practice groups. For the Bruins, that meant Brad and Bergy, then Chara with Moore and Lindholm. Torey Krug, Matt Grzelcyk, and Sean Kuraly joined the two top liners last week. As of today, both groups of players could get together to practice as the NHL allows for additional players to skate together. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Positive Results, in a Bad Way

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In Phase 2 of the NHL’s staggered re-opening, teams are allowed to have limited amounts of players practice in groups no larger than 6 participants at a time. Participation is voluntary but players must submit to testing for COVID-19, including temperature checks and more invasive methods. Well, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, players are testing positive. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: A Hub City Emerges!

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Well, it’s officially unofficial: Vegas will be a hub city for the NHL postseason reopening. Does this seem frightening? Yup. Vegas apparently had a spike in cases in April and the the curve pretty much flattened because all the sin was taken out of Sin City. However, cases have been rising again. So, yeah, sounds like a great place to be. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Hockey in the Age of COVID

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Last week, several Bruins returned to the fresh sheet at Warrior Ice Arena. First it was Bergy and Brad. Then on Friday, it was a trio of Zdeno Chara, John Moore, and Par Lindholm.

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Morning Free Association: Friday, June 12, 2020

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Hooray! We made it to the end of the week!

Yesterday, the NHL announced that Phase 3, which isn’t lasers everywhere but rather training camp, will begin on July 10th for the 24 teams that have either claimed a playoff spot or are trying to do so. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Today

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Yesterday, I wondered when we would hear about Bruins players taking to the ice again. Today, we have an answer from one player. Continue reading