Morning Free Association: Rest in Peace, Baby Viggo

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I’m still gutted by David Pastrnak and his partner Rebecca Rohlsson’s loss.
As announced on Instagram and widely reported yesterday, they lost their newborn son Viggo.

I cannot imagine what they’re going through and how they will get through it.

No one seemed to be more excited to be a father than Pasta did. It was evident when he spoke with Amalie Benjamin for a piece she was writing about his biological and the Swedish family who adopted him during his Swedish U-18 days prior to his being drafted by the Boston Bruins. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Fan Favorites

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When your team is no longer in the hunt for the Stanley Cup (maybe that’s where the B’s went wrong, hunting instead of playing hockey to win it), this time of year can be very slow. We should really call them the sloth days of summer.

Sloth days

It’s fitting because it is indeed officially summer and everything with the Bruins has basically stopped until the expansion draft. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: How Many Overtimes?

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Right now as I write this, the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals are heading for double overtime for the first time in this series. Each of these first three games has needed extra time for a team to win it; the first only 4 minutes or so, the second under a minute, this 20+ minutes. I know this game started just after 6:30pm but BRUINS I’M TIRED.
Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Closer Than You Think

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I could go into a full recap here but it’s Friday and who has time for that. We all have thoughts of the weekend and don’t want to get mired in the muck of a Buffalo Sabres game. Sure, the Bruins won, 5-2, but we all know that that is nowhere near the real story. So, let’s just cover a couple things, a surface skimming if you will rather than a deep dive. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Bruins Update

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Boston Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney held a press availability yesterday via Zoom. He apologized for the Bruins being off the radar lately. As one can imagine, dealing with all the COVID protocol stuff while trying to make sure that players and staff are safe during this mini-outbreak is a lot to deal with. Performing all of his other duties, including making phone calls to see what’s out there on the market to improve his team, plus the COVID stuff is a lot to deal with. Continue reading