Morning Free Association: Move it or Lose it

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The Boston Bruins find themsleves in a bit of a predicament. My favorite phrases for this are: “I’m up a tree” or “I’m in a pitcher of water here”. Both of those came a from a dear friend’s Gram and while I thought they were charming and funny then, I find them to be completely relatable now. Grandma Neal was prescient and kind. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Woo-hoo!

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The second round has started.


I know it’s hard to believe. It actually started with the Dallas Stars playing the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night. Last night, it was the Bruins – Lightning in primetime and it didn’t disappoint. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Elimination Wednesday

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Yesterday was Elimination Wednesday. So many series were on the brink of completion: Columbus – Tampa Bay, Arizona – Colorado, Montreal – Philadelphia, and Carolina – Boston. All but one of those series wrapped up. Tampa Bay had to play yet another overtime to decide the game because Columbus wouldn’t just die. Arizona put up absolutely no fight, demonstrating that while they were good enough to beat the Preds, neither of them should probably have been anywhere near the playoff structure. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Should He Play or Should He No(t)

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David Pastrnak hasn’t played a game since he developed a mysterious injury during Game 1 of the series against Carolina. In the 8 days that he’s been sidelined, he has skated 3 days in a row at practice, even taking battle drills during yesterday’s ice time. So, the question is whether he should play this afternoon or should he not. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Tuukka Opts Out

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We might as well rip off the Band-Aid on this fine and hopefully cooler-than-seasonal morning: Tuukka Rask opted out of playing in the playoffs on Saturday morning, choosing to go home to his family. Continue reading