Game Day Thread: Oilers at Bruins

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Why are the Bruins playing on a Sunday? Sundays are reserved for football and podcast recordings and sometimes church, if you’re into that. More importantly why do we have deal with Edmonton today at 5pm? It’s just such an odd time, isn’t it? Continue reading

10 Mascot Ideas Rejected by the Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers have a new mascot. Behold, Hunter the, uh… Bobcat?
Uhhh… wildcat?
Yeah, Wildcat. We’ll go with that.*

(Thank you for this visual, NBC Sports )

Well as you can imagine, this was not the first mascot idea that they considered. They actually had ten other ideas which they rejected. We the embedded reporters of BobbyToBergy got an exclusive look at these runner-up ideas, and are proud to share them with you today.

*I’m pretty sure that ‘Wildcat’ didn’t even occur to the Oilers in spite of the obvious oil-drilling reference. They actually went to the local zoo and asked “What the hell lives around here?” So he’s a Lynx.
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