Morning Free Association: Ha Ha Habs

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The Bruins are now 20-11-2. Since New Year’s Day they have won 6 of 7 games. In that span Brad Marchand has scored 8 goals with 4 assists. Last night was a pretty good one for him.

I could write a whole thing but I’ve decided to just give you the highlights. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: On to the Regular Season!

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Last night was the the final night of the Bruins preseason slate. As they opened their games they closed them playing the same opponent: the Washington Capitals. This time, the teams looked more or less like they’ll look during the regular season with rostered players. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: That Was Something

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Did you watch last night’s game? It was the first preseason game on TNT and it showed. From a lack of studio show to start, to interruptions in the broadcast, one functional camera that had the top of the screen cut off and playing at the bottom, to Rick Tocchets microphone just plain not working for the first few minutes of the first intermission show, it was a bit of a rough watch. If you liked the broadcast team of Kenny Albert, Eddy Olczyk, and Keith Jones between the glass, this was the game for you. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: New Numbers!

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I know, I know, I’m supposed to be on vacation. But, IW had a bad night’s sleep combined with some work stupidity so here I am. It’s like he chanted an incantation, waved some fresh corndogs in the air, and — poof– I emerged from the ether wondering why I was recalled.

And yes, my laptop is in the shop getting it’s keyboard replaced for free so I’m doing this by phone. I’m so advanced. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Sweeney Signed Some Guys

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The early part of Free Agency was a bit slow moving if you were a Bruins fan. Prior to the official start time of noon, all the hockey insiders were having a ball on Twitter leaking all the signings they knew and some of talks they heard about. Of course, the Bruins were mentioned in the same breath as players that would go elsewhere: Blake Coleman who ended up with the Flames, Jake McCabe ended up with the Blackhawks, etc. But things started heating up around 3pm and to be honest, I’m not sure I understand all of the moves but Satan81 tells me that they’re fantastic. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Florida Yard Sale

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Well, it looks like things with the Panthers are not looking so rosy. After a season in which they spent money to attain some good players and after securing the services of head coach Joel Quenneville, the Panthers were quickly dispatched by the New York Islanders in the qualifying round of the playoffs. Soon afterward, longtime general manager Dale Tallon was fired and Bill Zito was hired to replace him. Now, Zito has to deal with a cap situation that is going to be a tough one to manage. He only has about $21 million to sign 10 players, both RFAs and UFAs. Continue reading