Morning Free Association: Sign Him

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When we left things before the long weekend, David Pastrnak’s agent J.P. Barry was going to start negotiating his client’s new deal with the Boston Bruins. Much has been written about what the offers have been ($6 million for either 6 or 7 years) and Barry finally said that he is looking for max term for Pastrnak, which should be good news for everyone. In wanting max term, they’re not looking for a bridge deal, which would be the worst possible outcome for the Bruins. This should be really good news but it’s going to take more than $6 million per to do it. Continue reading

Bruins-Preds Recap: Snoozeville

Welcome to the inaugural Game Recap here on Bobby to Bergy!

I’m afraid we used up all of our excitement on that first line alone. It’s too bad because some of us were excited to see a certain Preds defenseman, with that excitement quickly fading as both teams appeared to be trying their best snake charmer routine to mesmerize the spectators into not caring at all about the game.

Snake Charmer


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