Morning Free Association: Happy Day After Canada Day

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Well, that kinda hurt.

After taking the better part of a week taking pitches and considering offers, John Tavares decided to “fulfill a lifelong dream” of being a jerkwad dingbatcenter for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Continue reading

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One Day 14, Round Two Day 1

So…this is weird. The Anaheim Ducks and Nashville Predators haven’t quite finished their First Round series and now the Isles and Bolts barge in with the first game of their Second Round matchup. Sheesh, can’t a team finish the First? Continue reading

Bruins sweep Isles (3-1): Game Recap (Now with water mammals!)

A Manatee close up

You know what that sound means, kids. That’s right, it’s a manatee game and the Bruins apparently had their coffee and beat the Islanders in a very important game to sit alone in first place (for now) by the score of 3-1.

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