Morning Free Association: 2020 NHL Awards, Part 1

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One of these days I will actually do what I said I would do: viewing all the Bruins media Zoom calls and summing them up and  giving my impressions. It wouldn’t take long but I really have to be in the right mindset to absorb it, to have an attention span that is longer than that of a fly, and to be able to get past the screenshot of Sean Kuraly looking extra fine on his call. Continue reading

Bruins Trade Deadline Preview Extravaganza

The Boston Bruins have exceeded the expectations of many prognisticators and have put themselves into a strong position to make the playoffs heading into the February 29 trade deadline. However, despite the strides made this season, they have significant deficiencies on defense that must be addressed if they want more than a one-round playoff run.

It’s clear what the Bruins’ need is: defensive help, particularly at the #3-#4 defenseman spots. The Bruins have the 3rd-best offense in the league, so acquiring an offensive defenseman doesn’t help much. They’re looking for stability in their own end. What are the defensive options available? What can the Bruins offer? What might be their game plan? Who might be willing trade partners?

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