Morning Free Association: Poor Rags

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It’s almost unfair the New York Rangers have to continue playing hockey this season. One day removed from a front office upheaval and a melee of a hockey game which saw a 141 PIM assessed between the Rangers and the Capitals, the team from New York just didn’t have the drive or energy for a game against a “rested” Boston Bruins team. On top of that, the Rags had to play the team that was responsible for knocking them out of playoff contention. Sure, you could argue that the Rags kept themselves out of the playoffs but this is no place for philosophical ramblings; the Bruins are in and climbing and the Rangers are just trying to get to the end of the season, which for them takes place on Saturday afternoon.

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Morning Free Association: WTF is Happening in New York?

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Being fans of Boston sports teams means that one usually has nothing but antipathy and a certain hatred for New York teams. As a Patriots fan, I have a long standing hatred of the New York Jets which isn’t really fair because they hate themselves. Jets fans are pretty terrible as football fans go being very entitled for that one Super Bowl win before they were born. Again, it’s almost unfair to hate them since they hate themselves because they’re Jets fans. You see how it is. Continue reading