Bruins @ Rangers 3/23

This isn’t my chair

Good evening everyone!
After what I’m not convinced was three and a half months since a Bruins game, here we are tonight at monosodium glutamate Madison Square Garden where the Bruins (39-26-8 86pts) take on the Rangers (41-24-8 90pts) The Bruins have a 3 point buffer on the teams above and below them in the standings, so tonight’s game won’t change the playoff picture for the Bruins, but boy 2 points would be huge.

It’s Rivalry Night™ so get ready for Doc’s obsessive use of random made up words and Pierre’s deep dive history bag for bit players we’ve only heard of once or twice.
We’ve missed Bruins hockey for 3 days minimum & for some who can’t make it for west coast games even longer, you take away our Jack & Brick? What gives TV people?

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Bruins Trade Deadline Preview Extravaganza

The Boston Bruins have exceeded the expectations of many prognisticators and have put themselves into a strong position to make the playoffs heading into the February 29 trade deadline. However, despite the strides made this season, they have significant deficiencies on defense that must be addressed if they want more than a one-round playoff run.

It’s clear what the Bruins’ need is: defensive help, particularly at the #3-#4 defenseman spots. The Bruins have the 3rd-best offense in the league, so acquiring an offensive defenseman doesn’t help much. They’re looking for stability in their own end. What are the defensive options available? What can the Bruins offer? What might be their game plan? Who might be willing trade partners?

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