Morning Free Association: Tonight, the Tootsies!

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Yes, the Boston Bruins are allowed to play another game tonight. It seems like it’s been a long while since they last played on Saturday night. I mean, we lost an hour on Sunday and it still feels like years since the B’s last had a game. Many teams have played between 10-13 games while the Bruins have only 9. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Captain’s Future

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With the season inching closer, more and more Bruins players are trickling back into town. Some have shown up to skate at Warrior in the traditional Captains practices including new Bruin Nick Foligno and the captain himself. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: New Numbers!

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I know, I know, I’m supposed to be on vacation. But, IW had a bad night’s sleep combined with some work stupidity so here I am. It’s like he chanted an incantation, waved some fresh corndogs in the air, and — poof– I emerged from the ether wondering why I was recalled.

And yes, my laptop is in the shop getting it’s keyboard replaced for free so I’m doing this by phone. I’m so advanced. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Sweeney Signed Some Guys

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The early part of Free Agency was a bit slow moving if you were a Bruins fan. Prior to the official start time of noon, all the hockey insiders were having a ball on Twitter leaking all the signings they knew and some of talks they heard about. Of course, the Bruins were mentioned in the same breath as players that would go elsewhere: Blake Coleman who ended up with the Flames, Jake McCabe ended up with the Blackhawks, etc. But things started heating up around 3pm and to be honest, I’m not sure I understand all of the moves but Satan81 tells me that they’re fantastic. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: 2021 Trade Deadline

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The Boston Bruins did not have a great weekend. First, they lost a winnable game against the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2 on Saturday. Last night they had a real “choose your own adventure” vibe on defense fielding combos like:

Lauzon – Clifton
Zboril – Kampfer
Tinordi – Ahcan

It’s way too early in the day, of any day, to contemplate any of this. Continue reading