Morning Free Association: Pasta’s Back and More

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Admit it: on Monday when David Pastrnak wasn’t on the ice for practice, you were worried. Even after knowing that Bruce Cassidy said he was still undergoing the mandatory 14-day quarantine period, you secretly thought he tested positive. Imagining his sweet angelic face while thinking of him testing positive for COVID-19 might have ruined your day.

Rejoice! For Pasta has risen and he has an all new flow. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Back in Action for Summer

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Yesterday, NHL training camps opened. After four months off, the Bruins players seemed to be happy to be back together. Whether it was Bruce Cassidy weighing in on the general mood,

“I really liked it. And I think guys are happy to be back together. They enjoy each other and are obviously looking forward to be back to work.”

or Patrice Bergeron talking about what it was like to be back,

“Normalcy is something that we were all kind of seeking throughout this whole pandemic. It was hard for everyone. I’m talking about just life in general, it was hard for everyone. It affected a lot of people in different ways. It’s one step towards a little bit more normalcy.”

it seems like the team will function just about as well as they did before the pause. Of course, everyone has to get used to new personal protective equipment and the many ways they need to test in order to stay healthy. However, those skaters who returned for Phase 2 are used to it and can focus on their conditioning and practicing. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Black Aces?

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Phase 3 of the NHL’s plan to reopen the season with postseason play will begin on July 10th when teams will start their training camps. At that time, teams are allowed to bring 30 skaters to camp and unlimited goaltenders. Yep, goaltenders are being treated like salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden. Continue reading