Morning Free Association: The Captain’s Future

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With the season inching closer, more and more Bruins players are trickling back into town. Some have shown up to skate at Warrior in the traditional Captains practices including new Bruin Nick Foligno and the captain himself. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Fan Favorites

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When your team is no longer in the hunt for the Stanley Cup (maybe that’s where the B’s went wrong, hunting instead of playing hockey to win it), this time of year can be very slow. We should really call them the sloth days of summer.

Sloth days

It’s fitting because it is indeed officially summer and everything with the Bruins has basically stopped until the expansion draft. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: What?

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This season, like last, the various NHL Awards are being announced remotely rather than being awarded at a show in Vegas. The Selke Trophy was announced over the weekend, at 7:53 pm on Friday to be exact. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Fines and Finalists

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Tonight, The Boston Bruins return to the TD Garden with their series against the New York Islanders tied at 2 apiece. On Saturday, the Bruins lost the lead and failed to score more than one goal against the Isles while Mathew Barzal woke up in the third and scored the game winner. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: More Overtime

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By the time of puck drop (7:40pm) yesterday, I was already not feeling it. I had been battling a combination of allergies, fatigue (see: allergies), and sadness because Sunday had been so awesome despite the thunderstorm raining out our porch dining with friends (!). Our best friends up from Long Island were gone. Even Boomer seemed to feel it because he and Auntie Wendy are BFF now. Just before game time, I also cooked a good cauliflower side dish and almost completely burned the pork chops on the grill. Yeah, Monday was not great. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Poor Rags

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It’s almost unfair the New York Rangers have to continue playing hockey this season. One day removed from a front office upheaval and a melee of a hockey game which saw a 141 PIM assessed between the Rangers and the Capitals, the team from New York just didn’t have the drive or energy for a game against a “rested” Boston Bruins team. On top of that, the Rags had to play the team that was responsible for knocking them out of playoff contention. Sure, you could argue that the Rags kept themselves out of the playoffs but this is no place for philosophical ramblings; the Bruins are in and climbing and the Rangers are just trying to get to the end of the season, which for them takes place on Saturday afternoon.

Continue reading