Morning Free Association: Patrice’s Words to You

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Like most hockey players who are parents, Patrice Bergeron is self-quarantining at home with his children, all three of them. No doubt he understands how troubling and trying it can be to be around his children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – keeping them entertained, keeping them curious, helping them learn, and making them burn off all sorts of energy. While we know that Patrice is perfect and his children are perfect little angels, I’m sure that he would love to have a break from them. So, he took one, to teach us all (read: the Satanfamily) some useful words in French.

I’m sure the Satanparents say this to their children all the time.

Morning Free Association: Top Bruins

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Let’s end this tough hockey-less week on a positive note: the Bruins are awesome. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Bergy 1K

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Yesterday was quite the day in Boston. The temperature was over 60 degrees, setting a new high temperature for that date in history.

The Patriots celebrated their latest championship on the duck boats and then at TD Garden.

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