Morning Free Association: Day Off?

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The Bruins Twitter was silent yesterday. No word of practice lines, no interviews, no further commentary on the game of the previous day. Maybe everyone took a day off in the bubble. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Terrible

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I’m not going to waste much time nor energy on how the Bruins played yesterday. They played like garbage.

April Ludgate

I wish I agreed with April Ludgate. The Bruins playing like trash is not what the 2019-2020 season is all about. It’s supposed to be about dominance and revenge, not trash. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Torey Krug and the Impending Free Agency

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Torey Krug will be a free agent once the season is officially over sometime in October. Not having a contract locked up before the pause has certainly placed a lot of pressure on both the Bruins and on Krug. In the Beforetimes, the NHL salary cap was projected to be at least $84.5 million next season. After the league shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the salary cap will remain flat at $81.5 million and will only increase by $1 million the following season. That limited salary cap space will affect how the Bruins will handle contracts, including an offer for Torey Krug. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Back in Action for Summer

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Yesterday, NHL training camps opened. After four months off, the Bruins players seemed to be happy to be back together. Whether it was Bruce Cassidy weighing in on the general mood,

“I really liked it. And I think guys are happy to be back together. They enjoy each other and are obviously looking forward to be back to work.”

or Patrice Bergeron talking about what it was like to be back,

“Normalcy is something that we were all kind of seeking throughout this whole pandemic. It was hard for everyone. I’m talking about just life in general, it was hard for everyone. It affected a lot of people in different ways. It’s one step towards a little bit more normalcy.”

it seems like the team will function just about as well as they did before the pause. Of course, everyone has to get used to new personal protective equipment and the many ways they need to test in order to stay healthy. However, those skaters who returned for Phase 2 are used to it and can focus on their conditioning and practicing. Continue reading