Morning Free Association: Mayor Krug?

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Yesterday, Torey Krug got on thee olde Zoom app to conference call with season ticket holders for a Town Hall meeting. He discussed many topics including a possible return to play this season, keeping in shape, his impending UFA status, and the Bruins who have inspired him. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Torey Krug’s Media Day

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On Tuesday, Torey Krug spoke with the media via video conference about many topics, including continuing the 2019-2020 NHL season and his contract situation. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Fenway

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My favorite things in this world are dogs. They are so sweet, so loyal, so cute. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, with different levels of floor. Some are really smart, some aren’t, but all are wonderful companions. I love dogs so much and I love talking about them just as much. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: January 11

David Backes’ night in St. Louis. In his return to St. Louis, he was the focus pregame and in the first TV timeout (which NESN was very classy in ignoring so that they could show the tribute and the reactions of both David and his wife Kelly. It’s clear they both meant a lot to the city and the team. Continue reading

Morning Free Association, September 26

The View from The Big Stick

On Saturday, Intentionally Widenberg and I were able to attend a practice at the Bruins new practice Facility, Warrior Ice Arena in Brighton. It is very shiny and new. Continue reading