Morning Free Association: Outstanding Leadership

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The Bruins have some outstanding leadership. They really do.

As you may recall, last week Patrice Bergeron made a thoughtful statement about how he can longer be silent regarding racism. Then, he doubled down and made sizable donations to organizations that can fight for the cause. Continue reading

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One, Day Eight

Four more games in the books last night. In three of those series, three teams face elimination in the next game. Continue reading

Game Thread Bruins at Stars 2/20/16

The Bruins are in really, really, really southern Minnesota for their meeting with the Dallas Minnesota North Stars. Of Dallas. Both teams must just be lost. I can’t imagine this “Dallas” thing will last…
There’s a North Stars Alumni game coming up today, and Minnesota hockey fans are really confused.

Be it in Minnesota or Dallas (I get them confused) Tonight we get to see the Bruins’ semi-annual reunion with Bruins Alumnus Tyler Seguin.

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